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Ramandeep Singh

Designer + Developer, Animator, Illustrator, and SEO Expert

Designing And Devloping future

Designing and development of Future Ready Websites and Platform,Applications for My Clients

Coustom Mobile apps And Scripted mobile applications

Design and development of mobile applications i can make a responsive web app and web applications and also convert you website into a application

Reviewing Products

I am also a content writer and in spare time i like to write blogs on different products and give feedback

Hi there

I’m Raman, currently I live in Mohali working as a senior Web Developer and designer at TownMedialabs. My projects include UX design, UI animations, and icon illustration. Being comfortable with code allows me to rapidly prototype and validate experiences. If you're interested in the tools and software I use check out my uses page.

In my spare time I like to practice in UI, play Mobile games, and Do SEO. I’m always down for hearing about new projects, so feel free to drop me a line.

Education and Experience

2022 Under Traning boxfy

2021 Wordpress Employee at Solutions1313

2020 Tranie Under Infowiz

2020 Php Diploma

2019-2022 Bachelor of arts

2018 Secondary Education


Digital Marketing

CMS Wordpress

Web designer

Web Developer

Graphic Developer

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Me standing in front of the Torii on Miyajima, an island off the coast of Hiroshima in Japan