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Projects and websites

I worked as the designer and developer as freelencer,i have do many projects till now and some of my favorites are listed below.

  • Modifier
  • UX and UI Design
  • Front End Development
  • Motion Design
The aero lesson builder app dragging an audio component into a screen about plant cells.

Streaming Platform

In my leisure time, I enjoy watching movies and websites, and while watching movies, I got the idea to create a user-friendly streaming website, which I began to design and develop, and which I completed.Valleyjatt

A set of dark themed components for the aero design system

Wordpress Coustom websites

Hello, I'm a wordpress fanatic who has worked on a number of wordpress projects. I enjoy using the drop and drag capabilities in websites to create creative designs. I've created a number of custom websites in WordPress, some of which are listed below.Valleyjatt

The homepage of the aero design system docs website linking to principles and components.

Design website in react

I'm also working on improving my react abilities so that I can utilise some animated libraries to make websites more creative. I used to simply use react to set templates and make static websites, but now I've started to make dynamic forntends as well, and this portfolio is live and made in react.Portfolio

A dramatic ocean scene with lava forming a new land mass.

Motion design

Animation was a core principle in making the authoring experience a more understandable process. Elements animate in ways that indicate the cause and effect of each interaction to improve the fluidity of the overall experience.I used after effects to produce this intro to make videos more creative and engaging. I like to alter after effects templates and utilise them in my work.


A major part of solving for collaboration was being able to visualize the learner experience in the editor. This was especially beneficial for subject matter experts and instructors need to review and give feedback on the higher level structure without having to dig through all of the adaptivity scenarios screen by screen.

A drag and drop storyboard style editor for creating an adaptive lesson.

Drag and drop builders

To create anything unique, I prefer to use drag and drop tools like website builders in wordpress and wix. These tools help me save time while also making coding websites pleasurable. I believe that these technologies are quite useful and that they represent the future of webstites. Elementor wp-bakery and divi are two of my favourite tools.

Configuration options for a component.
Configuration options for text.
Mullian wali

Next-generation learning experiences

I've seen that in this day, consumers prefer more animated content because the internet is so quick. I've also scrolled through a lot of websites with a lot of movement, and I appreciate the user experience of those websites, so I started learning 3D animation in three. js This world is an example of three. js

Bringing 3D into learning

There are several animated libraries that are excellent to learn and use; some are free, while others are not. There are programmes like as bleder that allow you to generate free 3D animation that you can use anywhere. Three is the number of books in my favourite library. js


We can employ 3D animation in websites, apps, and movies, and we can also construct NFTs with three modals, which are quite popular right now.

Animation Future

I did a lot of research on the future of animation and discovered that it had the biggest potential for changing UX and UI, so I began to study animation.